Elite Simultaneous

Our team created and coordinated by ms Ilaria Tipà, M.A. in Conference Interpreting, is made up of Chinese-Italian and/or Chinese-English professional and highly skilled interpreters and translators, we are an Élite team, so we couldn’t choose a different name than Élite Simultaneous. Our team members are not only colleagues, but also good friends who share the same passion for study, knowledge and self improvement.

Building on our shared passion and common interests, we are an élite professional team on the working field.

If you look through the opaque glass of the booth when we are working, you will be able to sense the cooperation between us and the good atmosphere filling our little translation booth.

Simultaneous interpreting requires team play, and our  Élite Team is a winning team worth your trust.

Élite at work

Our Élite Team starts working days ahead of the meeting. After we accept a job, we start cooperating with the organizers and we try to gather the greatest amount of information and related documents to do our preparation. We do not only prepare all the technical words and vocabulary we might need, but we also need to read and understand the broader topic of the event. We do not translate words, but the meanings embedded behind them.

Our main aim is to ensure the full success of your event and to reach this ambitious goal our interpreters are always keeping updated, they read the news, they go further and have perfect mastery of the main international issues, of course they attach particular importance to the topics involving China and Europe.

Only if we do well understand what a speaker says we can translate it properly. Our comprehension for their understading. There is only one way we can reach proper comprehension during a meeting: that is having a huge and high level professional preparation for each single job we deal with.

Working Fields

Our Team professional experience goes from international conferences to b2b meetings, from delegations field visits to seminars, workshops, team building activities, company and factory visits, training and so on.

We see each and every job, even the most technical and hard to deal with topic as an opportunity to learn something new, as a challenge to face. So far we have been working mainly in the following fields:

General Fields
FDI, Defence, Customs, International Customs Cooperation, Eu-China Cooperation, Finance&Economics, Italy-China Cooperation and Diplomatic Exchanges, Cross-Region Cooperation, Tourism, Film making, Entertainment, Pharmaceutics, Marketing, Environmental Protection, Literature, Green Economy, Press Conferences, Arts, Engineering.
Specific Fields
Biomedicine, Intellectual Property Rights, Optics, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Yacht, Martial Arts, CGI, Musicology, Epigenethics, Videogames & Gambling, Mechanics, Automotive, Haircare products and Hair dressing, Finishing Technologies, International Intelligence, Design, Waste Management, Fashion and Accessories, Leather industry and so on.
Public Institutions and International Organisations
Many public and international institutions have so far used our Élite Team services among which: Italian Ministry of Finance, Defence Ministry, Ministry for Economic Development, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Lazio Region, Lombardia Region, Rome and Milan Chamber of Commerce, Promos, Italian Customs Office, Guardia di Finanza (Italian Tax Police), OHIM, European Commission, Dragonstar Project, Italian Space Agency, Ipkey Project, Welcome Chinese Program.

Our Team

Ilaria Tipà
Team Founder
Working languages: Mandarin Chinese, English, Italian
Laura Cassanelli
Working languages: Mandarin Chinese, English, Italian
Caterina Russo
Working languages: Mandarin Chinese, English, Italian