Our Mission: Bridges Between Worlds

It is a truth universally acknowledged that the main reason to exist for a bridge is connecting. It could be connecting two banks of a river, two sides of a sea strait, it does not matter, what it matters is that it connects. And that’s exactly what we do, we connect two different worlds, the East and the West, we allow communication.

If you ask a Westener coming back from the first visit to China or a Chinese after his/her first trip to Europe what was it like the answer would be the very same: “Oh well, it’s another world.” “Another”, that’s different. “World” an whole different world made up of different ways of living, of thinking, different culture, history, habits, religions and even different names. That’s why it is very common among expats living in China or Chinese people living in Europe to choose a Chinese name or an English name. Why should they do so? That’s simply told: to shorten the distance.

When we think about our work, we see it as a huge acquemarine bridge, a jade bridge if you like connecting China and Europe, connecting Chinese and European people. A straight and easy to walk through bridge. That is what it feels like when we are interpreting what you say, walking on a comfortable bridge complete of service stations where you can stop and ask for everything you need. We are always there by your side, before, during and after your event ready to help you and to ensure that you reach the other side of the bridge without loosing a single concept.

If you choose to cross our bridge we can ensure that everything you want to carry with you to the other side will not only get there safe and sound, but on the way it will be adapted and mediated so that it will be welcomed and easily understood and accepted by the people living on the other side.

What we do everyday is to use our love for these two different worlds for their cultures, histories and traditions as the foundation of our work. Love and passion lead us in our everyday activity and enable us to fully understand what the speakers say and more than that, what they do mean in interpreting and to completely and throughoutly read across the lines in the texts we translate.

We decided to open this website because we would like our clients to better understand who we are, what we do and more importantly, how we do it, how different we are from those people who pretend to be interpreters and translators and merely translate word by word.

We were tired to see our clients frustrated and worried about the success of their meeting since they didn’t know if they could or not rely on the interpreters they chose, so we wanted to let them know chrystal clear that a Professional interpreting Service, and especially a Simultaneous interpreting Service is feasible and real and you have it if you choose the right interpreters.