Respeaking and Subtitling

What is it? 

Respeaking is real time subtitling in a mode of translation that is very similar to simultaneous translation. The respeaker reutters everything that is being said in the same languange of the speaker or translates it to another language (so called “translation respeaking”). The output is processeded by a voice detection software that transforms it into written subtitles.

When we say that this is “real time” subtitling, it means that after six-ten seconds after a sentence is uttered by the speaker it can be already seen as a subtitile on the screen. Punctuation is added by the respeaker during the process, moreover the professional respeaker also adjusts what he hears to create an easily read text.

Subtitle translation is a special translation mode in which you have to comply with subtitles length limits. This sometimes means shorthening the target translation or using some tricks to create easy to read subtitiles.

When is respeaking the best choice? 

  • in conferences in which subtitiles in the working language or in another language are required.
  • tv shows or interviews needing to be subtitled in real time.

Technical Requirements 

Voice detection and subtitles generating softwares.

Strenghts of this mode 

  • real time subtitles creation
  • real time translated subtitles creation

Weaknesses of this mode 

  • you need specific and professional software
  • respeaking produced subtitles errors may be more than in normal subtitles since they are created in real time and there is no time for post editing.

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