Our Fees

Why don’t we have our fees here? 

The answer is an easy one: we think it is impossible to have fixed fees no matter what kind of event being organised. Having fixed fees, according to us, means lack of competence.

We need to understand our client’s needs to be able to prepare our best offer suited for him.

Which are the parameters we use for creating our offers? 

Interpreting services:

  • The interpreting mode needed: fees vary a lot from liason interpreting to simultaneous.
  • The topic discussed during the meeting and how familiar we are with it. We always have to consider how much time will we have to spend for preparing for the job.

Translation services :

  • Source text length;
  • Source text technical level ;
  • If a glossary is provided by the client or not ;
  • Cat tools use and translation memories provided by the client or not

So, please feel free to fill in the following offer form so that we can prepare the best offer for your specific needs!