The Italy-China Foundation has been pleased to work Ilaria in several bilateral or multilateral meetings. She has Always provided high quality, appropriate and effective. She's an outstanding professional interpreter, able to adapt to every situation, subject matter (even when everything changes during the event) and to every counterpart.

Francesca Bonati - Italy-China Foundation

I am often in need for high-quality Chinese-Italian and Italian-Chinese translation and interpretation services, particularly in the legal sector and on behalf of foreign government organizations. I had the opportunity to benefit from Ilaria’s outstanding interpretation services a few times in the past and always had very good feedback from clients about her skills and the quality for her work. She is trustworthy and dedicated, with a positive attitude towards engaging even in most challenging assignments.

Davide Follador - Ipkey Program Eu-China

Mss Tipà is one of those people born with diplomatic skills, to which she adds full commitment and trustworthieness, She is a girl who succeeded in making her dreams come true through restless hard work and passion. Nevertheless, she is always looking for perfection in what she does and always trying to improve.

Mr. Yang Liquan - Chinese National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC)

I met mss Tipà when she worked for my company on the occasion of the inaugurational direct flight from Xi'an-Rome and during the gala dinner organized after it. Mss Tipà provided a high level consecutive interpretation both from and into Chinese mediating the communication in a very successful way thanks to her mastery of both languages.

Mr. Xu Jie - Hainan Airlines

I had the chance to work with mss. Tipà twice, the first one she was working as a simultaneous interpreter at the Ip working group meeting and I was pleasantly surprised by her technical language skills in customs matters, her work was incredibly accurate. The second time I worked with her was during a study visit of a Chinese Customs delegation in Belgium and the Netherlands, when she was working as a consecutive interpreter following our delegation all over the 15 days visit. Her interpretation was again accurate and her attitude to work very responsible, no matter how much work load she had to substain everyday. All the delegation was completely satisfied. George Sha - Chinese Customs Nanjing

George Sha - Chinese Customs Nanjing

If you are looking for amazing results, punctuality and reliability, then in mss Tipà you can find the interpreter/translator you are looking for. She is a very important partner for the company I work in, EC Target, helping us in a very productive way on different projects. Last but not least, she is always ready for work and never steps back, a paramount skill for someone who knows well two different worlds and more than that connects them together.

Giulia Bottaro - ECTarget

I had the chance to listen to mss Tipà interpretatons several times in ufficial and formal events. Everytime she was perfectly prepared on the technical topic covered during the meeting, always very polite and kind. She is for us a very precious and trustworthy partner

Maria Teresa Capuano - Agenzia delle dogane Italiane (Italian Customs Headquarters)

Ilaria is a very skilled and experienced translator and interpreter, she is always very professional and punctual with her assignments. The quality of her translations is excellent both in style and contents. I am always very happy to work with her.

Alessandra Zucca - Azweb Traduzioni

We have been working frequently with mss. Tipà when we had Chinese delegations here in Milan, or during seminars about China and Chinese market. No matter if it was simultaneous, consecutive or liason interpreting, ms. Tipà has always shown to be a highly skilled and professionl interpreter, a part from a complete mastery of Chinese language. Promos- Being Milan Chamber of Commerce Agency for Internazional Development - has many chances to gather high profile partecipants both from Italy and China during the seminars we organize, and every time ms. Tipà was there, our guests were completely satisfied and happy with the quality of the interpreting service." Ivana Piana- Promos Milano

Ivana Piana - Promos Milano