What is translation?

A translation, as we said before, is a written translation of a novel, a contract, an agreement,  a legal text, a technical manual and so on. The main goal of a professional translator is to maintain the same style, features and contents of the original text. Moreover, a professional translator knows how to adapt contents to the pubblic speaking the target language into which he is working, so that the communicative power of the original text can be mantained and ensured in the target language.

Translation, being it a written text as we said, lasts in time and starts to be used after it’s completed, when the translator delivers it to the client.

Translators at work, a part from their own writing, linguistic and contextual skills, can also rely on dictionaries, computer assisted translation tools, the web for conducting their researches. Moreover, translators have much more time at their disposal for thinking about their translation output than interpreters do.

Literary Translation

Literary translation is translation of literature, such as  novels, short stories and every other literary genre.

Marketing & Advertising Translation

Marketing & Advertising Translation is a particular form of translation, often also called transcreation, since the translator has to translate not only texts, but the advertising intent behind them.

Technical Translation

Technical translation is translation of instruction manuals, technical and specialised texts or scientific articles and papers.

Web sites translation and Localisation

When translating a web site, the professional translator has to ensure that the source text remians appealing to the public and that it maintains its communicative power. What we call “localisation” is the process of translation and adaptation to the target country of a web site, a software, a videogame, a movie or a tv series.

Contracts and Legal Translation

Contracts, legal documents, ID, wedding certificates’ translation.

Translation Tools

Written translation can be easier and less time consuming if CAT (computer assisted translation) tools are used.


Mss. Tipà is a SDL Studio certified translator.

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